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Darlington GardenerFrom a one-off or regular grass cutting service to a complete re-landscaping of your garden, we will carry out the required work with the minimum of inconvenience to you at the best possible prices, agreed with you before we start any work.

After agreeing a price with you, we will arrange a time when the work will be carried out and give you an estimate as to how long the work will take to be completed.

Grass Cutting

We offer two types of grass cutting service, the first is a one-off grass cutting service, where we will get your garden to a condition where you can then manage it on your own.

The second, is a regular grass cutting service to keep your lawn looking good throughout the season and management free for yourself. This is usually a weekly service, but can be adjusted to longer periods, to suit your own individual requirements.


We offer a tree pruning service that ranges from simply pruning your trees at the appropriate time of the year, to the complete removal a tree and the disposal of any waste produced during the process. After the removal of any tree, we can "make good" the void that has been left, so that it looks a though the tree was never there.


Our hedge cutting services range from simply cutting your hedge to get it back to a presentable state, to a more regular service of cutting your hedge throughout the season until your hedge stops growing.

For bigger hedges, like leylandi, we offer a more aggresive service, where we can drastically reduce the height and/or volume of your hedge.

Each job is priced individually, before we start any work, and all the cuttings are removed from your site and disposed of in an environmentally friendly way.

Rubbish Removed

All grass cuttings and other waste are removed completely from your premises and disposed of in an environmentally friendly way.

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