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Rubbish ClearedRubbish Cleared

We clear all types of rubbish at prices that are cheaper than anyone else, especially Darlington Borough Council.

Where possible, Darlington Window Cleaning will recycle any items of rubbish we remove, such as paving stones, instead of simply consigning everything to land fill. 


We clear all types of garden rubbish, including paving stones, garden furniture, kids swings, climbing frames, trampolines and so on. If any item can be recycled, we will find it a new home.


We will clear any shed of it's contents and even dismantle and remove the shed as well if you require. We always try to recycle any items we remove from any location.


We will clear any or all contents from any garage, including car batteries, old cars, cookers, washing machines, fridges, freezers, tools and even the kitchen sink.

We usually find that many items stored in garages will never be used again, but are still too good to just throw away. We will recycle these items almost 100% of the time. We don't like land fill.


We will remove any single item from a house, or it's complete contents, and once again, recycle anything that may still be of use to someone else.

Scrap Metal

We love scrap metal and will remove any type of it for the most competitive prices in Darlington and the surrounding area.

Scrap Cars & MOT Failures

We will actually pay you for any scrap car or MOT failure based on the current scrap price in the Darlington area. You must have the registration document available for the car.

Free Quotes

Our prices are very competitive and our quotes are free. Give us a call and we'll give you a price.